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We give you the freedom to feel truly safe during your favorite sports and outdoor activities by creating the best possible protection.

At SEVENTWENTY we set new standards in terms of protective equipment to ensure you can enjoy life outdoors in a relaxed, free and safe frame of mind. Our innovative thinking and actions aim to permit you to pursue activities with the focus on the here and now, experiencing them to the full.

SEVENTWENTY stands for the sum of the inner angles that, for every hexagon, always results in 720°. The hexagon is the basic form of the honeycomb-shaped structure that constitutes the core of our new helmet concept: SEVENTWENTY thus stands for the hexagon at the heart of our helmets.

TEAM 720

Wise heads

Patrick PedevillaPatrick Pedevilla
Founder & CEO
Werner EbnerWerner Ebner
Strategic Marketing Manager
Carlo GuazzoCarlo Guazzo
Product & Marketing Manager
Johannes WegerJohannes Weger
R&D Manager
Renée PedevillaRenée Pedevilla

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