Outstanding shock absorption

SEVENTWENTY sports helmet have been developed to make you feel truly safe during your favourite activities. SEVENTWENTY helmets are more than two times safer than the standard due to the unique HexaGo technology, which is designed to protect our heads from external acceleration occurring in case of an impact.

Hexago represents an outstanding innovation because its elastomer honeycomb structure is way more effective at shock absorption than traditional helmets. In fact, traditional helmets are usually characterised by an internal polystyrene layer, which is responsible for shock absorption. But this polystyrene layer does not guarantee enough protection: a higher level of protection can be achieved only with a higher thickness, which is not appealing.

The HexaGo technology overcomes these limits by providing a more effective shock absorption. The inner layer of SEVEWNTWENTY helmets is a honeycomb structure made of special elastomer, H.E.A.P. (High Energy Absorption Polymer): a unique elastomer developed exclusively for SEVENTWENTY helmets. This rubbery material is capable of regaining its original shape after being deformed. Because of this, the elastomer guarantees higher elasticity than polystyrene used in traditional helmets.


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