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Being out on the trails with your bike means being able to really switch off and be absorbed in your passion: immerse yourself in nature, focus on the line, free from other thoughts. But if your flow is interrupted by an unintentional crash, then you want the best possible protection so that you can quickly resume your ride afterwards. So it shouldn’t be just any bike helmet you put on your head, but an MTB helmet that actually gives you that protection.
At SEVENTWENTY, we don’t just look at design and comfort, we put safety first. Thanks to the special HexaGo® helmet core, SEVENTWENTY mountain bike helmets stand out for their significantly improved shock absorption and efficient protection against rotational impacts, without having to install any additional technology.
So when you choose the 720 Awake 1.0 all-mountain/enduro helmet, you are also putting your safety first, because SEVENTWENTY helmets offer you more than twice the protection of the EN standard.  


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Adrien Estienne
Adrien Estienne
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I love the spirit of 720 Protections.
Marcus Neunhäuserer
Marcus Neunhäuserer
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Safety for your head or headache instead.


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