SEVENTWENTY? It’s maths!

Safety is a matter of calculation.

Mathematics is everywhere. It surrounds us all the time and is used in numerous fields of science. It is NOT a human invention, however.


Mother Nature has always been able to instruct us in the fields of logic and perfection, with certain geometric patterns for example recurring again and again in the wild. The proverb “Nature is the best builder” is once again shown to be true, with so-called bionics demonstrating its importance for learning better techniques from nature. Or, in our case, learning from the bee as to how we can calculate safety better.

Pretty smart…

In its nest, the bee instinctively builds cells that present a clean, regular hexagon in cross-section. This makes it a pioneer in matters of construction, as the honeycomb is extremely stable, while its hexagonal form permits a perfect use of space as there are no gaps between the individual honeycombs. The hexagonal rows of cells – which by the way are also to be found in crystals – are therefore particularly efficient. This method also ensures that (and here we literally get right to the point) that loads are not concentrated at one spot but are instead distributed over the entire honeycomb structure. All these basic features make it an outstanding model for optimal construction.


Well done, bee…

We have made use of the honeycomb structure when developing the inner workings of our SEVENTWENTY helmets. The underlying principle is that, in the event of impact, the outer shell will distribute the impact force onto the walls of the hexagonal honeycombs. First, this significantly decelerates the impact, as the honeycombs act as a solid structure and absorb the energy; second, the energy is braked, and the pressure distributed to the surrounding hexagons.

Along with the special material H.E.A.P. logbeit, this HexaGo-System ensures that only a relatively small amount of energy is transferred to the head and the risk of head and/or brain injury is significantly reduced. You can read just how important this reduction is for your health in this blog entry.

Super-strong constructions: nature shows us how!

Structural bionics is no novelty: people have been transferring the principles of natural structures to technology since early times. The honeycomb structure too has been in use for quite some time, especially where both lightness and great stability are required. It is already successfully used in aerospace applications, automotive production, construction technology and countless other areas – and is also ideal for keeping our heads safe!


…and what’s so special about the name SEVENTWENTY?

The special safety concept of the HexaGo system is thus based upon hexagons – and the name SEVENTWENTY is derived from this concept, as the sum of the inner angles of a hexagon is always equal to 720°!

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