Truly reliable rotational protection

Why rotational protection is important?

If you have an accident while riding your bike is very likeable to happen that your head doesn’t hit the floor perpendicularly, but it always has some inclination. This will produce friction and a consequential spin of your head, this could be the cause of severe injuries.

Rotational protection is a quite popular topic in helmet industry nowadays. But additionally integrated technologies are not the only option to overcome the rotational impact incidents.

Our goal since the beginning of this project was to give rotational protection features to the inner structure itself, with no need to add other gadgets or technologies to overcome this problem. We have always been focused on our goal: the absorption structure must protect the user from rotational impacts. The HexaGo technology thanks to its honeycomb structure and H.E.A.P High Energy Absorption Polymer, softer than the traditional EPS, is able to deform elastically in all three-dimensional directions during an impact in order to protect the user’s head even from rotational forces. This guarantees full protection in every impact scenario.

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Truly reliable rotational protection

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